About Us

NuClu prides itself on working with best-selling brands - Amoroso Baby and Gravity Skateboards. Based in El Centro, We have partnered with these companies for our warehousing and manufacturing companies in Mexicali and China as a good selling point and advantage for merchants to save expenses.

Delivering an automated process with a low-cost support system, we bridge merchant gaps as we provide logistics through our third-party 3PL-Pro, providing the best fulfillment and distribution solution.

We are a one-stop shop that reduces time, effort, and cost while decreasing manual errors, giving your business more time to focus on its primary goals, providing high-quality products, and a customer service team at a low cost.

About Us


Since we value the brands that we work along with, we strive to set the standard for high-quality products. Bringing it to the customers’ doorsteps through our third-party service provider, 3PL-Pro—the best fulfillment and distribution solution that allows merchants like you to transact with ease. We own warehousing and have partnered with manufacturing companies to serve you more and even better

Amoroso Baby is the leader of high quality affordable baby, pet, and toy strollers with the highest quality branding and design materials, which are high on demand among new parents and pet owners looking for a convenient daily travel system. It is the the brand’s main objective to supply these strollers at a lesser cost to merchants and vendors.

Gravity Skateboards is a California-based brand that is established in 1994.  Currently, it is now on the verge of converting to a more accessible way for merchants and vendors to reach more valued customers of their classic and high quality skateboards

Warehouse Management System

3PL-Pro has been proven and tested by their growing clients in providing proper warehouse practices and features for better product sorting, organization, and product distribution. Our warehouse staffed have years of experience in the industry, as well as our highly-trained customer service staff aims for nothing else but fast response and excellent 24/7 customer service.

Through years of partnership with brands, we have exponentially evolved our approach in assisting our clients with the mission to provide flexibility by helping them with operations in every aspect of their business while maintaining the quality of production, support, and logistics at a low cost.